What is Pay for Play?

Satuit Boat Club is a volunteer club which means many of the required tasks in running a successful club are undertaken by club members. Volunteering is an obligation for Provisional members and should be seriously considered by all Regular members as well. This message is about volunteering some of your time for the betterment of the club. There are many ways you can get involved: join a committee (either Entertainment, House, Jr Sailing or Floats) and be an active member of that committee, assist in setting up at the beginning or breaking down at the end of a social function, working on and completing an assigned special task, helping to maintain the launch, etc. Checkout specific volunteer opportunities on the Task List contained here:

Also, here are some contact people (check the web site or annual handbook for current assignments) if you want to get more involved.

  • Launch: Vice Commodore or Dockmaster
  • House: House Committee Chairperson
  • Floats: Floats Committee Chairperson
  • Social Events: Rear Commodore
  • Jr. Sailing: Jr. Sailing Committee Chairperson
  • Play or Play Related – Rear Commodore
  • All Other – Commodore

Visitors to the club always remark what a beautiful place it is, and how lucky we are to have it. Please consider volunteering a bit of your time to help the club look and function even better. Of course, there is a financial incentive as well. Members are charged a small annual fee if they do not volunteer during the year. To avoid that charge, members need to volunteer approximately twelve hours over the course of the calendar year. When you have completed your volunteer work the person in charge (ex: if working on the floats it would be Floats Committee Chairperson) will keep track of your hours and send that information to the Rear Commodore who, as Play or Pay Coordinator, maintains a list of members and number of hours worked throughout the year.

Of course you can choose to “pay”, but the “play” part (volunteering some of your time) is a more helpful and more social way to be a member of the club.