Program Safety, Rules and Additional Info

The SBC Junior Sailing Program emphasizes safety on and around the water and respect for the sea, weather, others, and property. The Club has specific bylaws, float, house and other rules that dictate behavior and proper use of facilities. The instructors are responsible for using their best judgment in specific circumstances while running the day-to-day activities of the Junior Sailing Program. However, parents assume all risk and liability for their children’s participation in the program and are ultimately responsible for the proper behavior and safety of their children.

General Junior Sailing Rules
In order to take the best advantage of the learning experience provided by the club some general rules have been established. Failure to observe Boat Club rules could result in removal from the program and loss of club privileges.

  • Respect for Property – Junior Sailors are taught to take care of the boats, equipment, and facilities available to them, while setting up, using, and putting away.
  • Safety – At all times the Junior Sailors need to be mindful of safety on and around the water. This includes alertness and application of proper seamanship in all weather conditions. The instructors will guide the sailors and make final determination of proper activities given existing conditions. Lessons will be restricted to shore side (i.e. no sailing) during thunderstorms and high winds or other stormy conditions. Proper PFD’s with attached whistles must be worn at all times on the water. Instructors are required to have junior sailors in sight at all times.
  • Rules of the Road – as a part of their learning experience, Junior Sailors will learn the proper Rights of Way and other rules of the road while sailing.
  • Variety of Crew Situations – In order to develop good communication and versatile sailing, skippering, and crewing skills, all participants will enjoy changing skipper/crew combinations such that all sailors in a particular class will get to assume all responsibilities on a boat with all the different members of their class.

Clothing and Equipment (Must Haves) – Please recognize the kids are on the water and exposed to the elements so should dress accordingly for varying temperature and weather conditions. They will not be allowed to sail without wearing a coast guard approved life jacket with whistle attached and adequate footwear as determined by the instructors for the boat involved (sneakers or boat shoes are fine). Also please ensure the sailor has appropriate sunscreen and sun glare (sun glasses, hat, or visor) protection and bring beverages and snacks appropriate for their time at the club.

Regattas – There will be several opportunities to participate in regattas in the south shore area, and the Junior Sailing Program encourages this participation due to the opportunity provided in putting one’s knowledge and skill to practice. Opti owners are responsible for their own boats. Turnabout usage requires the permission of the turnabout owners who must be contacted directly. The official policy of the use of the clubs 420’s does not allow use of the boats beyond Scituate Harbor. Please communicate with the instructors and review notices on the club bulletin boards for regatta and special event information

Proper Conduct During Lessons – Please note that the instructors call the shots, but are subject to recognition that the club is comprised of many members, all of whom wish to enjoy its benefits. Please refer to house and float rules as well as the rest of the club constitution. The program is designed to teach kids to sail not for babysitting. Good seamanship includes appropriate behavior on land as well as on the ocean.

Thank you for your cooperation. Have a happy and safe summer!